Training Props & Equipment

Maine Fire Service Institute Training Props and Equipment

Maine Fire Service Institute/Southern Maine Community College has invested in a considerable amount of equipment for training including Smoke Machines, K-12 and Ventilation Saws, SCBA, Forcible Entry Training Station, and other equipment.

Training Props and Equipment are available for use for firefighter training purposes only by Fire Departments, MFSI Fire Instructors,  and Fire Attack Schools.  Request to use and reserve training props and equipment are made through the Maine Fire Service Institute Website. Please click this link to go to the Request for Training Props & Equipment form to make your request. Requests must be placed no less than 2 weeks prior to a scheduled training session.  Requests for resources are honored based on availability on a first come first served basis.

For a list of available props and fire training equipment available, download this file:  MFSI Equipment Lending

New Training Prop to Enhance Your Building Construction Classes

The Maine Fire Service Institute received a wood products training display case.  The display case was made possible as part of the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) grant. The training prop was given to Director Guindon through the assistance of former California State Fire Marshal, Ron Colman.

The display cases provide industry product samples that will be used to enhance the building construction curriculums. The display case is supported by the following web-site; and is an excellent training aid insofar as engineered wood products that are commonly found in new construction today as well as traditional wood frame construction. Click here to view photos and more information.



New Portable Car Fire Training Prop Available

The Maine Fire Service Institute is happy to announce that the Portable Car Fire Training Prop is available for scheduling. Please click here for the  Car Prop Schedule 2015 The portable car fire training is designed to simulate live fire conditions without the environmental and logistical challenges of using old cars for vehicle fire training. The unit is a great tool for improving team work and hose line advance skills. MFSI will provide 2 Fire Instructors for the training session when scheduled. Fire Department requesting the unit will be required to fill and top off the propane tanks and smoke machine fluid at the completion of the training delivery. Click here to reserve the unit. In order to ensure proper set-up and delivery of the unit and scheduling of instructors, please reserve the unit 30 days in advance of the training event.

NOTE: The Car Fire Prop has been taken out of service for the winter season.  This year was very successful with over 20 field deployments that resulted in the training of well over 250 of Maine Fire Fighters.  If you are interested in obtaining the Car Fire Prop please see our County schedule here on our website

Car Prop Schedule 2015




The Mobile Alarm Sprinkler Trailer {MAST} Annual Schedule

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