MFSI Instructors

The Maine Fire Service Institute offers training to fire department throughout the state of Maine at no charge using a cadre of nearly 100 contract instructors. MFSI Instructors come with a wealth of talents and abilities to provide professional quality training tailored to meet the needs of the local fire chief and training officer.

Code of Conduct

  1. Shall create a positive learning environment for all students.
  2. Shall encourage student critical thinking and expression to act independently in their pursuit of learning and varying points of view.
  3. Shall make reasonable effort to protect the student from physical conditions harmful to learning or health and safety.
  4. Shall not be under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol during any portion of a class.
  5. Shall treat all students with equal respect and provide equal opportunities
  6. Shall maintain with each student a right to privacy and confidentiality.
  7. Shall establish and maintain the student/instructor professional relationship.
  8. Shall not intentionally expose the student to embarrassment or disparagement.
  9. Shall promote an environment that is free of inappropriate racial, ethnic, religious, political, or sexual comments.
  10. Shall not use profane or abusive language.
  11. Shall do everything possible to impart knowledge relevant to student””s success.
  12. Shall teach the course to meet the course objectives and course goals set by Maine Fire Service Institute.
  13. Shall teach only a class or portions of class or curriculum for which they are qualified
  14. Shall adhere to all copyright laws.
  15. Shall use, at a minimum, the course materials identified by Maine Fire Service Institute as required for the course.
  16. Shall ensure the student/instructor ratio is maintained at all times.
  17. Shall report to Maine Fire Service Institute information about classes, curriculum, negative or harmful dynamics and/or instructors that do not meet the standards required by Maine Fire Service Institute.
  18. Shall not make false or malicious statements about Maine Fire Service Institute, SMCC or curriculums.
  19. Shall be honest and above reproach when presenting their instructional qualifications by giving only accurate information,
  20. Shall support the mission of Maine Fire Service Institute at all times and assume the responsibility of an ambassador.

Current List of County Representatives

To contact a County Representative, please call Maine Fire Service Institute at 207-844-2070 or email

  • Don Flanagan, Androscoggin
  • Rich Wark, Aroostook
  • Ken Clark, Washington
  • Vacant, Piscataquis & Somerset
  • Kim Tracy, Penobscot
  • John Churchill, Kennebec
  • Steve Bunker, Franklin
  • Chris Farley, Islands
  • Phil Meunier, Knox & Waldo
  • Ken Desmond, Sagadahoc & Lincoln
  • Roger Green , York
  • Mark Bosse, Oxford