Maine Fire Chiefs Association Workshop

The Maine Fire Chiefs Association and the Maine Fire Service Institute have collaborated to create the Maine Fire Chiefs Workshop. The workshop was created with a goal to provide current, new and aspiring fire chiefs with an understanding of important considerations for the delivery of fire protection services in their community. The workshop will provide information to assist in the management and leadership of a fire department in Maine.

Topics include:

  • Legal Aspects
  • Professionalism and Politics
  • Fire Chiefs Role in Leading
  • Financial Management and Planning
  • Fire Chiefs Role in Coaching, Counseling and Correcting
  •  Incident Management
  • Training Safety and Risk Management
  • Community and Media Relations.

The workshop is approximately 16 hours and there is a minimal fee for the workbook and materials. To request more information, please contact Chief Bill St. Michel at 207-353-2473 or MFSI Training Program Manager Walter Morris at 207-205-2762


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